Alan 'Spirit Hawk' Salazar



A "Living History" presentation of the Chumash and Native American cultures.  An entertaining and educational program for all ages.

  • Chumash songs and storytelling

  • Artifacts and Cultural Displays

  • Video and Picture Display of a Chumash canoe (Tomol)

  • Chumash and Mission History

  • Art Activities and more!

  • email Alan at to book a program

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"The Chumash are one of the oldest tribes in America.  How did they survive, what made them unique and where did they live?  These are just a few of the questions that I will answer.  Let me bring a field trip to you, an experience that you and your students will remember for a lifetime.  As a former preschool teacher, I know how storytelling nourishes the imagination and sparks the desire for reading."

-Alan 'Spirit Hawk' Salazar

"I recommend Alan for his presentation, for his knowledge of the Chumash, and Native American Cultures.  Also for his strong positive outlook on life and informative message he successfully delivers."

- Dr. Jerry Barshay, Ed.D. - Ventura County Indian Education Consortium

"I highly recommend Alan Salazar.  He is informative and shares great stories that captivate students of all ages."

- Wanda Bradford, Principal, Munsey Elementary School - Bakersfield, CA